Intentions List and Spending Rules

Here it is, my start to writing my list of intentions for living a more simple life with less spending. I may need to come back to this post as reference for myself in the future as I go through this journey. I know that having a newborn will make some of these things more challenging, which is why I am giving myself some grace here if I need to modify my rules a bit. I am hoping that since I have so many things from my previous baby that I won’t need much this time around except for the necessities.

Spending Rules

What I can buy:

  • Food and Groceries
  • Household cleaning supplies
  • Hygiene products
  • Makeup items when I run out (I wear very little to begin with)
  • Clothing items if they are absolutely needed and we don’t have anything else we can wear first. (I must also donate one thing for every purchase or clothing or accessory I buy)
  • Buying an item if it wears out (e.g my crockpot finally bit the dust, I will need to get a new one soon)
  • Health related items such as workout classes and doctors bills

What I can’t buy:

  • Excess of take out, coffee shops or fast food (I still would like to take my son out on little dates to get donuts ect.)
  • Clothes and accessories that are not a necessity and if I already have something similar in any of our closets.
  • Books (Use the Library instead)
  • Impulse purchases on Amazon
  • Impulse purchases at Target
  • Impulse purchases at any clothing store

I may need to come back to this list and revise a bit as time moves on, but my intention is to try and comply to these set of rules whenever making a purchase.

Some questions I will be asking myself before I make another impulse buy:

  • Do I really need this?
  • Do I already have something similar to this in my closet?
  • What is making me think I need this?
  • Do I have enough money in cash for this?
  • Is this on my wishlist of items I have saved up for?

It may be strange at first to ask myself so many questions, but in order for me to stay accountable to myself and others, I need to create these paramaters to at least start on this journey. Over time it may become easier, but I will at least have you, my audience watching and reading and hopefully allow myself to continue to being honest with myself and my spending habits.

The more that we can spend less, be intentional with our lives and the items we bring into our home, we can also help with waste and the issues of sweatshops and poor working conditions.

I wont be perfect in this journey an I will more than likely fail at some points, but I at least hope that writing this down will at least help me in my journey on this spending less and enjoying more of what I currently have instead of always chasing down the next new thing.

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