The journey on spending less while staying classic and simple.

Welcome to my blog about spending less and living a simpler life in the midst of a consumer world. Living in a suburb of San Francisco, I am a mom of 1 with one on the way. I want to live a simple and classic life not only for myself but for my family too. This blog covers my journey as I start on this living and spending less approach to life.

Intentions List and Spending Rules

Here it is, my start to writing my list of intentions for living a more simple life with less spending. I may need to come back to this post as reference for myself in the future as I go through this journey. I know that having a newborn will make some of these things more…

The Start on Living with Less

I am a mom of one with another on the way and why I am now starting this journey is because in some ways life has come to a head. My husbands work has been so overwhelming for both of us and our busy lives of both of us working full time with a child…

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